Trusted By Clients Since 2003

Exhale Essential Therapies was grown by Clodagh from a small back room. 17 years later our business has grown and we have become the go to clinic for skincare and other therapies.  Developed through industry expertise and empathy, continuous innovation, training and integrity.

We have a huge amount of global experience in the beauty industry and collaborate with international brand partners using cutting edge skin care technologies.

We are an award winning Salon, we have an Atelier accreditation from Bioline Jato as well as the Gold standard award for Bare Minerals.

Treat Yourself.

Whether it’s booking a consultation, buying a voucher or product, know that your journey with us starts with this action. We use what you buy so we know the treat that you are receiving and love to talk about it. Keep in touch!

Brands We Use

Why A Dandelion?

We chose the dandelion as our main symbol because it is a soft way to illustrate breathing. It’s tranquil, light and to give us that physical sigh action you use like a ‘Mantra’.

It is made up of circles and links to show the scientific side of the business. It’s a design nod to polymer construction hopefully showing that we are more than a beauticians – our practices and beliefs are based in knowledge.

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