Zoner – Antiage Trilogy: Three technologies for a winning antiage project

Developed in the Panestetic Technology Labs in Italy, Zoner is a beauty machines that received an extraordinary success and has led many professionals to gain considerable insights into their business. An innovative and easy-to-use machine combining the effectiveness of the three most effective anti-aging treatments:

  • PHOTOBIOSTIMULATION works on skin sagginess using an innovative technology.
  • RADIOLIFT,technology and protocol studied and tested to reach higher standard of effectiveness in terms of stimulation of collagen production, reduction of signs of aging and skin atony on face and body for a non-invasive antiaging effect. Minimize the appearance of wrinkles for noticeably more youthful-looking skin. (also for arms and neckline).
  • MESOPORATION NEEDLE-FREE. Delivery of the active ingredients using a specific technology in total comfort and safety.


  • Because the client wants to see the result immediately and this is supported by several specific efficacy tests.
  • Because we give you the tools and training courses to sell the treatment to your customers.
  • Because you can choose from many protocols and also use each technology with your cosmetic line.
  • Because it is an excellent Italian product developed thanks to scientific and technological research and knowledge of the needs of the industry.
  • Because it’s intuitive and it is combined with an innovative manual protocol..
  • Because it is having a great success all over the world.
  • Because your customers trust you and you can not disappoint them…


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