All our skin care treatments are performed using only the best, safe and effective cosmetic products and researched technologies.
Each with a specific method for the best delivery of active ingredients.

You are in great hands with our Atelier Standard Internationally trained Beauty Therapists and Skin Specialists.

Skin consultations are always advised with a facial or before buying home care. Our skin consultations are redeemable with a treatment or product purchase.

Zoner Trilogy

Radio Frequency, Biostimcell and Mesoporation

€150.00 – €180.00

Age Beauty Secret

Timeless Charm. Delays the inversion of the beauty triangle and reawakens the vital code of the skin. 



A line that combines the most advanced forms of Vitamin C with the latest generation active compounds for a powerful revitalising and protective effect


Lifting Code Diffusion Filler

Code of natural perfection. Intervenes on the proportions of beauty in a progressive and natural way.


Primaluce Exfordiance

The innovation of cosmetic peeling. For an exfoliating, renovating and illuminating action.


Desense instant Relief

Protection and relief for irritated and couperose skin. 


24/7 Natural Balance

Acts in advance against the causes of skin aging.

€45.00 – €70.00

Linea+ Facial 

The complete line that offers 4 specific treatments, Aqua+ (hydration), Pura+ (impurities), Dolce + (Sensitive) or Vita (nourishing)

€50.00 – €75.00

Details of Beauty 

To enhance the most precious features of the face. Plant stem cells to provide new  vitality to the skin. 


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